Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is
  2. Who is Echo?
  3. Is it my responsibility to call the carrier after scheduling with myFreight?
  4. What happens if the shipment isn’t ready for the driver?
  5. Can I schedule a shipment and have it picked up on the same day?
  6. What is a NMFC number?
  7. What is Freight Class?
  8. Are rates guaranteed?
  9. What happens if I receive a bill directly from a carrier?
  10. Is it a good idea to estimate the weight of my shipment?
  11. How do I file a claim?
  12. Am I required to use the myFreight(Echo) standard Bill of Lading?


Who is, a division of Echo Global Logistics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ECHO), is a full-service, online shipping portal that provides shippers of all sizes with:

  • Savings: Instant access to the industry’s most competitive and highly leveraged freight rate quotes across one of the country’s largest, most dynamic, multi-modal carrier networks.
  • Visibility & Control: Free and easy to use, our centralized portal organizes and manages all aspects of your unique transportation needs (quotes, dispatch, booking, track and trace, reporting, payments and paperwork).
  • Support: One call, one click access to live, expert freight specialists that can assist at any stage of your shipment from quote to delivery.

myFreight’s web-based technology platform instantly delivers the power of Echo’s massive buying power, proprietary transportation technology, and expansive carrier networks, while leveraging a proven and established customer service experience that is second to none. Delivering all of Echo’s core value and capabilities via our web-based interface allows shippers of all sizes to efficiently manage all aspects of their transportation from one configurable platform.

As a myFreight client, you will receive instant access to this web-based technology through your own customized Virtual Shipping Office or VSO. Your VSO leverages near real-time capacity and pricing data from our network of carriers to identify the most efficient and cost effective shipping solution each and every time you ship. The combination of industry experts, buying power, leveraged carrier relationships and innovative technology is the formula that myFreight uses to simplify shipping and amplify savings.

Who is Echo?
Echo Global Logistics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ECHO) is a full-service, multi-modal, transportation management company that buys and manages freight on behalf of thousands of shippers, creating massive procurement leverage. Echo’s carriers sourcing team is comprised of expert negotiators that use the latest tools and technology, giving myFreight customers an “unfair advantage” in the transportation buying marketplace.

Echo is a leading provider of technology-enabled business process outsourcing, serving the transportation and logistics needs of our clients worldwide. Evolved Transportation Manager™ (ETM), Echo’s proprietary technology platform, gives our clients access to our vast and growing carrier network. Echo customers enjoy one single point of contact for all shipping needs. myFreight is the customized solution built just for Echo’s e-commerce customer needs.

Echo provides solutions across all major transportation modes, including Truckload, Less Than Truck Load, Small Parcel, Intermodal, Domestic Air and Expedited Services. Echo is publically traded on the NASDAQ Exchange under the ticker symbol (ECHO). To learn more about Echo visit

Is it my responsibility to call the carrier after scheduling with myFreight?
No. When you schedule with myFreight, we contact the carrier on your behalf. Please do not call the freight carrier as it will duplicate the pickup.

What happens if the shipment isn’t ready for the driver?
In Less Than Truckload (LTL), in most cases, the driver will not wait and will be dispatched for the following day. If the carrier charges myFreight for the duplicated pickup, you will be responsible for the fee.

For Truckload and other modes, the driver may wait, but there is a wait fee associated and starts accumulating after 1 or 2 hours of wait time.

Can I schedule a shipment and have it picked up on the same day?
LTL shipments can be scheduled and picked up on the same day, however this cannot be guaranteed due to our carriers' capacity. Please allow a 4-hour window before your docks close so myFreight can get a driver dispatched to your location within that same day. Carriers generally make pickups in the afternoon and deliver in the morning.

For other modes of transportation, please give us at least 24-48 hours’ notice to arrange a pickup.

What is a NMFC number?
NMFC is a numeric indicator used by LTL shippers that identifies the type of product that is being shipped. The National Motor Freight Association presets these product classifications quarterly. Be sure to include the NMFC number to accurately identify each product you ship on the Bill of Lading in order to avoid re-classification charges. You can contact myFreight at 888.259.6280 or email at to determine the NMFC number for your products.

What is Freight Class?
Freight Class is derived from The National Motor Freight Traffic Association's National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC), a publication for motor carriers containing rules, descriptions and ratings of all commodities moving in commerce. The publication is used by shippers to classify freight for the bill rating purposes. Freight Classification is an evaluation of freight based on four categories: density, stowability, handling and liability. If you are unsure of the freight class of your shipment you can use the link "online estimator" to estimate your shipping class or call customer service. Actual shipping class may vary.

Are rates guaranteed?
To make certain that you receive the quoted rate, provide the driver with a copy of the myFreight (Echo) BOL. After delivery, the carrier checks to ensure that all information on the BOL is correct by matching the stated weight/class against the actual weight/class of the shipment and any special services requested. If they don’t match, you will be billed for the difference.

What happens if I receive a bill directly from a carrier?
Upon receiving a bill, simply call our customer service department at 888.259.6280 and fax a copy of the bill you received. Our staff will be happy to make sure that the charges are properly credited. This situation usually occurs when the myFreight (Echo) BOL is not used. To prevent this situation from recurring, please make sure that the driver has a copy of the automated myFreight (Echo) BOL for each shipment.

Is it a good idea to estimate the weight of my shipment?
LTL carriers charge by weight of the shipment. Weights can be estimated, however if an inaccurate weight or class is used and a shipment has to be reweighed or re-classed by the carrier, the additional costs willbe passed on to you. Reweighing the freight may also result in a delayed delivery.

How do I file a claim?
If you identify damage upon delivery that is visible or concealed, please contact our customer service team immediately at (888) 259-6280 or

Am I required to use the myFreight(Echo) standard Bill of Lading?
To avoid billing and delivery issues, it is best to use the myFreight (Echo) Bill of Lading each time you ship. Our internal process and those of our partner carriers require that you use the standard myFreight(Echo) Bill of Lading for best results. If you have a need to customize, or use a bill of lading that is not created by the myFreight website, it is important you speak with myFreight customer service representative immediately by dialing 888.259.6280.